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The Wow Factor

This workshop is designed to supplement and support the core themes from ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’.

It seeks to instil the key ingredients of attitude, skill, knowledge and confidence that contribute to customer service excellence. Brilliant customer service doesn’t mean your business needs to spend a lot of money. But it absolutely means you need to instil and inspire the right attitudes.

This workshop is set against a context of rapid change – a world in which customer expectations continue to rise. You are not only competing against other businesses in your sector. Customers are comparing your service against that which they receive from other industries.

Employees often find themselves in challenging situations, or in circumstances in which they feel restricted in what they can achieve. Even worse, they do the same job, serving the same customers, day in day out. The routine grinds them down and they forget to shine.

The message from this workshop is that individuals can make a massive difference to the quality of the customer service experience. It’s a rejuvenating experience! This session draws on examples of excellent practice and looks at the benefits to the customer, the business and the individual of ‘going that extra mile’. This workshop equips delegates with the right inner resources to be able to provide world class service, every time.

Key themes (some or all of...)

  • positive psychology
  • relationship marketing
  • influence and impact
  • visionary hierarchy and ‘lifetime customer value approach’
  • principles of communication
  • developing the habits of success
  • 4-minute rule
  • heliotropic effects
  • FISH philosophy.

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