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Secondary School Wellbeing AwardFor Secondary Schools

The Art of Brilliance Wellbeing Award is a programme designed to equip your secondary school with the knowledge and skills to help your staff and pupils take charge of their own mental health. The results? A more positive, inspired workforce plus enhanced pupil motivation, behaviour and aspirations.

Our programme provides...

  • A flourishing toolkit
  • An accredited wellbeing award
  • Bite-size modules
  • In person, virtual or blended delivery
  • Empowers pupils, staff and parents to take charge of their own mental health
  • A whole-school approach to wellbeing

How is the WELLBEING AWARD structured?

The Art of Brilliance WELLBEING AWARD is an 8-hour whole-school programme comprising sessions aimed at pupils, staff and parents. It can be delivered in person or virtually.

Of the 8 modules, 6 are aimed at the pupils. This ‘wellbeing 6-pack’ is mapped against the most well-known Positive Psychology model; PERMAH. Thus, the programme has an academic underpinning – its DNA is taken from the latest thinking in areas of psychology, resilience, wellbeing and human flourishing.

The pupil ‘wellbeing 6-pack’ is designed to complement the existing school curriculum. It has a deliberately light touch. The aim is to deliver a fun and interactive programme that includes a host of practical and do-able wellbeing strategies that are applicable at school, at home, and in life.

The primary and secondary programmes have the same themes, but are differentiated in age-appropriate language and activities.

In addition to the pupil 6-pack, the WELLBEING AWARD [Secondary School Edition] also includes an additional hour for the staff and a webinar for the parents. This 3-pronged approach gives all stakeholders a chance to understand the basic messages from the programme and to support children and young people in implementing the strategies at school and home.

What does the secondary school WELLBEING AWARD look like?

The modules comprise the best of ‘Art of Brilliance’ business content, shaped around the internationally recognised PERMAH model.

Module 1. The Art of Being Brilliant: Your Wellbeing Launchpad

An introduction to the science of human flourishing that includes some simple concepts and thought-provoking activities. With the big words removed this is an engaging way to kick off the transition to ‘best possible self’. Based on the premise that habits learned in childhood will stick with you forever, pupils are introduced to some early lessons on positive emotion, self-care and gratitude.

Module 2. Bouncebackability: Rolling With Life’s Punches

When the world is doing its worst, it’s even more important that we know how to be our best. Resilience is a learned behaviour. We can all cultivate personal skills and resources which help us cope with stress and adversity. This module will help young people embrace change and use challenges as opportunities to grow.

Module 3. Finding Your Tribe: Creating Positive Relationships

We live in a virtual world yet research shows that strong social connections – real life relationships - are the biggest factor in mental health. This session focuses on how to make positive human connections. It’s less about followers and more about friendships. ‘Finding Your Tribe’ includes information on positive communication as well as a host of top tips to maintain good quality relationships starting with the most important connection of them all – you with yourself.

Module 4. Motivation: Relight Your Fire!

The blunt truth is that too many young people get stuck in ‘average mode’. It’s easy to fit in but this module dares to start with the assertion that a better long term strategy is to stand out.

Relight Your Fire seeks to connect young people with their purpose and allow them to make authentic and valued contributions to their school, home and community.

Module 5. Fire Up Your Future

Contrary to popular belief, the secret of success is failure. Lots of dirty, rotten failure! Young people will find willpower and ‘way-power’ by learning how to adopt a growth mindset. It takes the core messages of engagement, flourishing, resilience and personal responsibility, and looks at embedding them in everyday actions. This module provides motivational rocket fuel for children and young people to push beyond their comfort zones.

Module 6. Self-Care: Health is Wealth

In a world dominated by screen time, this module challenges children and young people to look around at what everyone else is doing, and NOT do that! Physical and mental health are connected so this module is a reminder to get the basics right. Eat, move and sleep are ‘keystone habits’ that provide a launch pad for physical and mental health. This module also introduces some key concepts of mindfulness and ‘being in the moment’.

Module 7. Staff session: The Art of Being Brilliant

An introductory session, aimed at all staff, that introduces the basic concepts from the WELLBEING AWARD with the aim of getting everyone up to speed with the language and ethos of human flourishing.

The aims are twofold:
i.To give staff a spring in their step
ii.For staff to be able to role model positive language and behaviours

Module 8. Parents' webinar: Happy Families: Thriving at Home

This webinar provides a summary of the programme and gets parents ‘on the same page’ as the teachers and their children. The webinar has the same aims as above and is carefully positioned to give parents/carers some information and top tips on how best to create flourishing families. ‘Happy Families’ runs as a live webinar, with the recording available to the school for a 2-week period, allowing as many parents/carers as possible to access the session.

Any questions?

Who’s the WELLBEING AWARD [Secondary School Edition] for?

Everyone can benefit from a reminder of the basics of human flourishing. Thus, the WELLBEING AWARD is appropriate for every pupil, age 11 to 18. The core messages are tailored to fit the various year groups.

How much does the WELLBEING AWARD cost?

The investment depends on a few things, like the size of your school and the number of staff/pupils completing the programme, so reach out to us and we'll be able to give you a quote specific for your school. The fee includes programme design, delivery, assessment, and certification, as well as access to our bank of supporting resources.

Is the WELLBEING AWARD available as an in-school programme?

Yes, the WELLBEING AWARD is available as an 8-hour school-wide programme. It can be delivered in workshop format, or as a series of webinars, or a combination thereof. The additional sessions for staff and parents are a compulsory part of the programme.

Is the WELLBEING AWARD available as an online programme?

Yes, the STUDENT WELLBEING AWARD can be delivered virtually as a series of 6 x 1 hour pupil-friendly webinars. Plus additional webinars for staff and parents.

Is the WELLBEING AWARD available across a group of schools?

Yes. We actively encourage schools to combine forces and run joint programmes.

How is the programme assessed?

The WELLBEING AWARD is assessed via a short self-reflective piece of work from each pupil. Essentially, each participant is asked to reflect on what wellbeing strategies they’ve applied as a result of the programme. Wellbeing is a subjective science so different strategies will work in different ways for different people. The reflective review is designed to be non-onerous and, as such, can be a short written piece, audio file or video.

Is the programme suitable for those who are struggling with their mental health?

Our view is that the WELLBEING AWARD is suitable for everyone. If pupils are struggling with their mental health they should already have support in place. This programme does not replace that support, it runs alongside it. The student wellbeing 6-pack will act as a reminder of some of the basics of self-care and self-compassion.

How will I know if the programme has worked?

The WELLBEING AWARD is not a box-ticking exercise. Experience tells us that the programme will ‘work’ to the extent of its priority in the school’s burgeoning ‘to-do’ list. The programme will work superbly in schools who ‘get’ that flourishing mental health is the starting point for learning and behaviour. Art of Brilliance has developed a ‘before’ and ‘after’ wellbeing questionnaire that will give hard data on the emotional tone of the student and staff populations.

How do we maintain our wellbeing momentum?

Each participating school will have access to our assembly 6-pack; half a dozen videos that are designed to keep the messages alive. Further, Art of Brilliance has developed a follow-on programme, the WELLBEING LEADERSHIP AWARD, that takes pupils on a deeper dive into positive psychology, wellbeing and resilience. It’s also possible to use the School Wellbeing Award as a springboard onto our OUTSTANDINGLY HAPPY SCHOOLS programme.

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