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This workshop is a game-changer. If you want to understand why you think the way you think and why you act the way you act, then welcome to Clarity.

Life is full of distractions. This ‘noise’ gets in the way and we can lose our shine. We end up in a state of near-permanent anxiety and exhaustion, our eyes glued to the clock, waiting until the bell rings for home time.

While most lessons are additive (they give you more things to remember and do), CLARITY is subtractive. Young people don’t need more stuff on their minds, they need less! CLARITY peels back the layers, getting young people to think about their thinking. Once they have CLARITY, their best self emerges, the world feels lighter, relationships flourish and life seems doable.

This workshop helps young learners understand what is really going on in their brains. They will explore their emotions and set themselves up for an amazing life, where they are more in control than they realise.

Key themes in this workshop

  • Inside out thinking
  • Contentment

This workshop is perfect for...

  • School Assemblies
  • Class Lessons
  • Start of Term
  • Small, Large or VERY Large groups

Interested in this workshop?

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