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Here’s an uncomfortable truth.

You could have chosen an easier job. Imagine sitting on a checkout; beep, beep, beep, beep. You go home after your 8-hour shift and forget about it until the next day. Or you could have been an engineer, accountant, pilot, brain surgeon…

But, no, you went into teaching. Then you got promoted. Maybe more than once? And somehow – you’re never sure exactly how – someone put you in charge. #WTF?

As chief cat herder you find yourself responsible for the staff, students, parents, budgets, safeguarding, Ofsted, data, meetings, wellbeing, recruitment, politics. Everything!

You have a strategy and some values in the back of your head, but day-to-day, your cunning plan is to make it up as you go along. Burnout is never far away. Counting down to your holidays has accidentally become the way you live your life.

Herding Cats is the antidote to complexity. This workshop is leadership TLC, a well-earned time out that reconnects you with your best self.

Plot spoiler: your job as a leader is NOT to inspire your staff, or the pupils, or the parents.

Your job as a leader is to BE inspired.

Herding Cats reminds you how.

Key themes in this workshop

  • Leadership
  • Burnout
  • Stress

This workshop is perfect for...

  • Head Teachers
  • Senior Leaders
  • Cats

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