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Izzie Miller

Growing up, Izzie felt like she was on an emotional rollercoaster. Her highs were super high and her lows too low. Izzie was frequently told she was ‘too emotional’.

Delving into the world of personal growth, she learnt to recognise the importance emotions hold in our lives, but also the power they can have when we learn to understand and master them. Once Izzie got a handle on her emotions, she also got a handle on her life.

This Eureka moment led to Izzie developing an obsession for all things positive psychology, consciousness and self-improvement. A self-proclaimed ‘Mindset Strategist’, Izzie is now carving a career out of helping other people understand how to get the best out of themselves.

Izzie is proud to admit that she’s become a bit of a self-development geek. When she’s not teaching it, she’s knee-deep in journals, books and podcasts. In trademark Art of Brilliance style, she’s always looking to bring simplicity and clarity to the fore.