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Friday 13th September 2024
Online via Microsoft Teams
£60 (Including VAT)

Social Media Detox

Friday 13th September 2024
Online via Microsoft Teams
£60 (Including VAT)

Screen time – friend or foe?

Smartphones, scrolling, posting, selfies, social media, AI… the last decade has seen an explosion of screen time.

We ‘get’ that social media and screen time are woven into the fabric of modern life. When used correctly, the internet is the greatest educational tool the world has ever seen.

But for some, screen time has shape-shifted into anti-social media that has muscled its way into their life like an unwelcome and disruptive visitor.

Attention, for sale!

It’s time to take back control with our brand new Social Media Detox workshop.

Chill, it’s not a finger-wagging lecture. Designed with our trademark fun and interactivity, this session is about getting you to think about your relationships, purpose, goals – and whether the way you’re currently using social media fits into the vision of what you want to achieve in your life.

Whether it’s to be the best teenager, student, parent, employee or teacher, Social Media Detox connects you with who you want to be by getting you to consider what really matters to you.

It’s a chance to hit pause, and reflect. What you take from the workshop is up to you but plot spoiler, we hope you nudge yourself towards being a bit more social and a little less media.

Why? Because in a world of endless information, where your attention is hijacked for profit, it’s important that you wrestle control of your life from the apps that are desperate to do it for you.


This event will be delivered over Microsoft Teams – it’ll be a 60-minute webinar with a Q&A session afterwards. There will also be a short check-in webinar 2 weeks later for anyone wanting to discuss the changes they’ve made in how they use social media. This session will be recorded and any customers will be able to get access to it/re-watch it until the end of September.

Meet your trainer

This event is run by Oliver Cope. If you have any questions – he’d love to discuss the programme with you.

Interested in joining us?

We’d love to see you in September – to book your place, just hit the button below and you’ll be taken to our online shop where you can purchase your ticket online.

If you want to pay by invoice, book multiple places or talk about payment options – feel free to drop an email to and she’ll be happy to help you!