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The Art of Brilliance Blog

Welcome to our random musings. If Carlsberg could write blogs...

Scratch and sniff

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I know a dentist who smells clinical, a bin man who reeks of ‘eau de black bin’, a florist who smells of roses and Elvis from the chip shop always stinks of battered sausage.

Head Gardener

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Imagine you’ve been appointed Head Gardener.

Taking your conference or training online? Here’s my list of the best virtual UK speakers

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I’ve been delivering keynotes and training for a decade. I’ve seen some brilliant speakers and been on the receiving end of some dire ones. Then along came COVID-19 and the rules changed.

We’re launching our new 10 week, Wellbeing Workout!

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At ‘Art of Brilliance’, human flourishing is our thing. With the world in pandemic pandemonium we are bringing the ‘Art of Being Brilliant’ experience online, with just one aim: to boost the world’s reserves of happiness. In true Art of Brill style there will be no big words or fancy jargon, just MASSIVE action. We […]

How to avoid pandemic pandemonium

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Cooped up? Feeling stir crazy? Licking the wallpaper? Kids driving you nuts?

Duquesne Smile

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I was reminded the other day, when watching footage of Andy Cope talking about Happiness on Irish TV, that there are in fact (at least) two types of smile;

Wellbeing Wednesday

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We think our BRILLIANT SCHOOLS programme is genuinely the best thing out there. An annual subscription gives schools access to a superb library of wellbeing resources, aimed at pupils, teachers and parents. Think ‘Netflix but for wellbeing’ and you’ll not be far wrong. And then, all of a sudden, education has sailed into very choppy […]

Bite Sized Brilliance

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It’s weird, but at Art of Brill, we love change. It’s what we help businesses do. Whether it’s individuals, teams or entire organizational cultures, change is our reason for being. But this particular change has come thicker and faster than anyone expected. We’ve adapted, like you’d expect us to. We now offer flexibility of training. […]


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It boils down to this: what the world needs right now is dumper-truck loads of positivity. It just so happens that we’re the world’s best training company, and we specialise in exactly that (positivity, not dumper-trucks) We are purveyors of the world’ finest messages on wellbeing, resilience and human flourishing so we thought, wouldn’t it […]

The coronavirus survival plan

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I get that the coronavirus is here. And it’s serious. For context, I have elderly parents and a very elderly father-in-law. But guess what happens when you tell people NOT to panic and NOT to panic buy? I’m minded of the series Dad’s Army in which Corporal Jones’ catch-phrase ‘DON’T PANIC’ (accompanied by flapping arms) […]