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Felicity Vivian

Where to start? Dancer, choreographer, actress and lead singer (yes, really!), Flis was born to perform. And guess what, her mission is to help others perform – at their best.

Which is why Flis is an obvious fit for Art of Brill. She works across our schools and business portfolio, to bring our messages (and her unique way of delivering them) to people of all ages.

Like everyone, Flis has a backstory that got a bit messy. She’s proof that you can recover from setbacks and rise stronger. Flis is passionate about wellbeing and positive psychology. She’s even more passionate about tapping into undiscovered human potential!

It’s impossible not to love Flis. She brings knowledge, authenticity and bags of fun. If you need a keynote or workshop, she comes highly recommended.

Flis has some chickens, two awesome children and a Royal Marine husband (that list is not necessarily in priority order). She wants the world to know that her chocolate habit is under control and is now a weekend-only affair.