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Felicity Vivian

Where to start? Dancer, choreographer, actress and lead singer (yes, really!), Felicity was born to perform.

Her mission is to help others perform – at their best – and what better place to start than with children. Felicity’s thinking is that if we can get children and young people into good habits early on, these habits will stick with them for life.

That’s why she set up a venture focusing on drama classes for children, allowing them to explore their own creativity and imagination as well as learning new skills and working as a team. She is passionate about being part of a positive movement to empower children to know that they are unique, and with their own self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience they really can flourish in this world and achieve anything they put their minds to.

Which is why Felicity’s an obvious fit for Art of Brill. She now works with our Brilliant Schools team to bring our messages (and her unique way of delivering them) to children, teenagers, and school staff.

Felicity has some chickens, two awesome children and a Royal Marine husband (that list it not necessarily in priority order). She wants the world to know that her chocolate habit is under control and is now a weekend only affair.