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Paddy Cordell

Paddy (aka ‘Wee Paddy’) has been on a mission to change the world since 2009 and we finally managed to persuade him to join ‘Art of Brill’ in 2016. He’s special, you see. Paddy started with ASIST (applied suicide intervention skills training) and worked for years in preventing suicide before training in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Paddy has worked with a wide range of people and organizations, from those just wanting to have a happier approach to life to sports ambassadors, actors and mental health boards.

Paddy’s passion is to help anyone, anytime. He’s of the view that the earlier you ‘get it’ (i.e., that you are in charge of you), the better your life chances, hence his enthusiasm for getting wellbeing and positivity embedded in the school system. It’s hard to disagree with Wee P when he says, “The current school system of waiting for kids to crack-up and then trying to fix them is expensive, inefficient and just plain wrong. Giving them strategies to cope with life and allowing them to flourish, seems to make a whole lot more sense.”

Paddy jacked a perfectly good job in to follow his dream of making a difference. He has also started a charity called ‘You Are Not Alone’, the aim being to remove the stigma attached to suicide. Told you he was special! Outside of work Paddy has two young children so if he looks exhausted, you know why.