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Kev House

In 2006, as an out of control, obese, heavy drinking Type 1 Diabetic, doctors gave Kev the ultimatum - to change or face the consequences. It was time to stop hiding, take personal responsibility and face the challenge head-on.


Kev had tried to change loads of times but had consistently failed. Reluctantly, after a recommendation from a friend, Kev started reading some of that ‘airy fairy positivity stuff’ and was shocked at the results when he put the ideas into practice!

Some thought Kev (and that included Kev!) had lost his marbles when he announced that he was going to run in the New York City Marathon in Nov 2007. He completed what was a truly life-changing experience.

Kev’s never looked back. The benefits are incredible: more energy, improved mood, excellent diabetic control, flourishing professionally, and most importantly for Kev, he can now get into Topman skinny jeans!

Kev is inspiring children and adults through keynote speaking, workshops and one to one’s to take control and manage their own minds, develop self-awareness, grit and most importantly, self love!