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The Art of Being Brilliant. Your wellbeing launchpad!

Welcome to our world famous keynote/workshop/webinar. When the world’s doing its worst it’s doubly important that you know how to be at your best! THE ART OF BEING BRILLIANT helps you shine by reconnecting you with you.

THE ART OF BEING BRILLIANT is the perfect INSET, twilight or conference keynote. We use cutting edge research, but have surgically removed the big words and replaced them with simple, do-able principles that are applicable at work and home. We like to think of it as a personal upgrade that allows you to thrive no matter what the world throws at you.

In plain simple English, we want this to be the best training you have ever had. Whisper it quietly, but it might even change your life?

Our approach

As always, our approach is one of simplicity. The good news is that we’re careful to disguise the concepts and deliver a session that is thought-provoking and great fun. Wakey-wakey! You best life awaits.

Key themes in this workshop

  • Positive Psychology
  • The science of flourishing
  • Potential
  • Happiness
  • Wellbeing
  • Mental health
  • Change
  • Habits

This workshop is perfect for...

  • All Staff
  • In-Person Workshops
  • Webinars

Interested in this workshop?

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