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Ollie Cope

Ask his dad and you’ll discover that Ollie’s always loved to ask questions! Not just the standard ‘Where do babies come from?’ but head-scratching ones like ‘How do the sun and moon stay in the sky?’, ‘How does the Internet work?’ and ‘Where was I before I was born?’

In particular, Ollie has always been fascinated by people and how they work. Wondering, what is it about the top 1%, the leaders of pack? What sets them apart from everyone else? This started Ollie down a constantly shifting journey of self-experimentation in his physical and mental routines, fuelled by his intense desire to keep searching for new ways to be his best self.

Ollie spent 4 years at University in the search of more knowledge about people. Studying a broad range of topics in psychology, he eventually specialised in researching how humans interact with technology. He’s conducted research into the effects of news on emotions, and the power of meditation, among other things.

Ollie is eager to use his academic knowledge to develop new wellbeing strategies to face the new challenges of the modern world.