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Ollie Cope

A degree in Psychology and a Masters in Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics means Ollie is qualified to use big words, but in true Art of Brilliance style, he prefers not to.

Ollie is a new breed of trainer, a lifelong learner who believes that new challenges require new solutions. He’s studied a range of subjects – psychoanalysis, cyberpsychology, AI, psychophysics and evolutionary psychology – that leave the rest of the team scratching their heads.

Ollie has always been interested in people, how they work, and in learning about the different ways we can optimise our bodies and minds. From improving as a rugby player, to developing an academic thesis and learning to speak French, Ollie has been on a constant journey of self-experimentation in his physical and mental routines.

He’s currently working towards a PhD in the groundbreaking area of how social media is affecting the human brain. He frequently brings this pet subject into his Art of Brilliance training, with his ‘social media detox’ messages hitting home with all age groups.

Alongside his role as a trainer, Ollie works as our resident data analyst. He has designed and coded a script to analyse responses to the Art of Brilliance’s wellbeing survey which has been used in a multitude of schools and businesses around the world.

Ollie works with clients from business and education, and is our secret weapon in further and higher education settings.

Ollie believes that new challenges require new solutions. He aims to help people tackle the new challenges posed by the rapidly changing modern world, all the while reminding them that the answer often starts with them.

Some nice words about Ollie

“Ollie provided an excellent session to our students, he was engaging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the themes he presented, and his authenticity resonated with the students.”

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Penrith, Cumbria

“Our students provided independent feedback on how useful and thought provoking the sessions were, allowing them to reflect on their next steps to success, and hopefully how to be a 2%er!”

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Penrith, Cumbria

“After Ollie left, one of my students said to me ‘I’ve learned so much with Ollie being here’, and it made it all worthwhile.”

Ifield School, Gravesend.