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Tony Seymour

Tony was at the birth of the ‘brilliant’ philosophy and we’re lucky that he’s stayed around to nurture the messages and help us grow.


Tony is a superb all-rounder. Not only is he a qualified coach, NLP Practitioner, keynote speaker, trainer and facilitator… he also acts as the first port of call for many of our clients.

With decades of experience in the further education business, Tony has worked with dozens of high profile organisations in all sectors. His passion is people development, simple as that. He listens to our clients and takes great care to ensure we exceed expectations with world class training, seasoned with our core values of simplicity, energy and fun.

Oh, and Tony’s knows his stuff, delivering keynotes and workshops on Being Brilliant, leadership and coaching. An enthusiastic believer in positive psychology and the habits that contribute to well-being, Tony uses what he’s learned to share ideas and principles that can bring life-changing benefits to people and organisations.

Not long ago, going ‘back to school’ was furthest from Tony’s mind but now he regularly finds himself sharing the ‘Brilliant’ messages with 150 or more Year 7s. If only his teachers could see him now..!

Tony’s client feedback:

The workshop was so refreshing, interesting and (and you’ll probably get this word a lot) really inspirational. I loved it and it’s already making a difference to me personally! – Association of University Administrators

I always looked forward to our sessions. Your insight, skills and knowledge are second to none. Whilst challenging my thoughts and behaviours, you were always very supportive, understanding and calm. – Manager, Notts County Council

“For me, your sessions contained powerful thought provoking, light bulb moments. You’ve definitely been an inspiration to me” – L.M. All Leisure Holidays Group