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Brilliant NHS training

The best training in the world for the best institution in the world. Individuals, teams, leaders and change champions – our training is available in high impact sessions, either in workshops, online or blended.

The NHS family has been facing tougher and tougher challenges for years, and that was even before Covid came and kicked away the legs from the table. Leaders and managers are working tirelessly whilst still trying to improve kindness, civility and respect within your places of work.

You’re facing unprecedented challenges. Staff morale is suffering and patient expectations are high. The NHS is frantically trying to make other people feel better, whilst struggling to be able to look after itself. You have always been there for us, but now we think it’s time for us to be there for you.

How we can help you...

  • Brilliant NHSRaise the mood of your people
  • Brilliant NHSHelping teams work and perform better together
  • Brilliant NHSHelping your people be resilient and bounce back from tough times
  • Brilliant NHSTeach you the tools and skills to help maintain a positive frame of mind now, and in the future.
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Our NHS wellbeing programmes are totally flexible...

Delivered virtually or in person, the content is designed to be down-to-earth but bang up-to-date, modern, entertaining and containing enough originality to be well worth turning up and tuning in for. Led by Dr Andy Cope, our team is made up of experts from the fields of positive psychology, resilience, mindfulness, leadership, emotional intelligence, strengths and human flourishing.

For everyone

The Art of Being Brilliant graphic

THE ART OF BEING BRILLIANT is our original, world famous workshop and webinar. Focussing on wellbeing, personal impact, being your best self and much more, it’s about the ‘whole you’ and, as such, is applicable in and out of work. We think it’s the best workshop in the world and if everyone could do it? Lives. Would. Be. Changed. Simples.

For leaders

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Designed for any leader at any level, BRILLIANT LEADERSHIP is a leadership toolkit for right now. Our programmes offer thoroughly modern content perfectly suited to today’s NHS. If you’re a senior leader, you’re an influencer. We deliver a bespoke programme with coaching and guidance to help embed learning. It’s challenging and fun. The end result? World class senior leadership teams who are both inspiring and inspired

For teams

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Busyness can get in the way of awesomeness. Occasionally it’s good to have a team pit-stop, to re-think, re-energise, and rejuvenate. BRILLIANT TEAMS is your team’s time out. Expect top notch content in the areas of positive psychology, flourishing, wellbeing and the habits of high performing teams. Work together to create a set of positive behaviours that your team can live by.

Embedding Change

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Culture change works from the inside-out, so we take some of your people and turn them into champions. They’ll delve deeper into the science of human flourishing and be tasked with role modelling world class behaviours and attitudes. HAPPINESS NINJAS – couldn’t every workplace do with some of those?

All workshops are available as one-off hour sessions or half-days, or as part of a wellbeing programme with weekly or monthly slots. Sessions can be delivered remotely via Zoom, MS Teams, Skype etc. or we can deliver in person in the workplace.

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We know our programmes work. But don’t just take our word for it...

Brilliant NHS feedback

These sessions have a significant impact on staff and morale. It gets people thinking about their own behaviours and how simple changes can have an impact on the way the organisation operates.

Brilliant NHS feedback

Fantastic session, content kept the group's interest the whole way through and is really applicable to use in work and day to day life. The success of the session was definitely down to the trainer and his enthusiasm for the topic; it really showed through and made the course enjoyable.

Brilliant NHS feedback

This was probably the best session I have attended in my entire career. Truly was a lightbulb moment for me. Helped me change my approach and put my context within a positive perspective.

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