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Nikki Ayles

Nikki is a learning monster, trainer, coach and passionate positive psychology practitioner


Nikki’s career path has taken her on a journey through Marketing and Brand Management, Commercial Training, Facilitation and Coaching until more recently when she found her ‘calling’ – to help people flourish and become the best version of themselves. She’s now addicted to the warm glow she gets from inspiring and guiding people to spend more of their time in the 2% zone.

Nikki’s specialist areas are ‘Bouncebackability’ – helping people develop this everyday super-power – practical and accessible ways to grow resilience in the face of today’s adversity and setbacks; ‘Brilliant Strengths’ – as a qualified Strengths Coach Nikki helps people identify their strengths and play to them more often; ‘Wellbeing Coaching’ working with individuals and small groups to guide them in personalised development of positive habits, and ‘Mindfulness’.

She also delivers ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ in schools and in businesses – nurturing wellbeing for teachers, pupils, and people at all levels in an organisation.

Nikki loves being out in nature with her slightly daft miniature Dachshunds Paddington and Isabella. She enjoys throwing herself into new challenges (most recently surfing and SUP), distance running, devouring good books (mostly non-fiction these days, although the odd novel makes the cut on occasion!) and spending quality time connecting with her wonderful friends and family. Nikki holds an MSc in Psychology and an MSc in Positive Psychology (MAPP) and is currently planning her Positive Psychology PhD for 2021. Nikki is also a BPS accredited Mindfulness Teacher with Mindfulness Now and lectures in Psychology and Positive Psychology at the University of Worcester.