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Jim Pouliopoulos (‘Pouli’) is our man in America. Massachusetts to be precise. His mission; to explore this strange new world. To seek out new life, and new civilizations. To boldly go where no Brit has gone before…

It’s no surprise that, growing up, Pouli wanted to be a science fiction writer. But he was really good at math and science so listened to his dad’s advice and became an engineer because ‘you’ll always have a good job, son.’ After two engineering degrees and a half decent career, Pouli realized he didn’t want a ‘good job’ he wanted a fulfilling one so he declared himself a ‘recovering engineer’ and changed direction. Pouli’s about-turn brought him our way and the rest, as they say, is history.

He now delivers our flagship keynotes and workshops in businesses, schools and colleges across America. Pouli’s aim is to transform lives by immersing people in cutting edge content and connecting people with their life’s calling. There are plenty of laughs guaranteed along the way.

Facts about Pouli:

  • Nobody has ever seen Pouli and The Hood in the same room…
  • Pouli has been married for longer than he can remember and has 3 grown-up children
  • He is part bionic (2 knee replacement surgeries and 5 [yes five!] hip replacement surgeries)
  • He has several interesting items on his Bucket List including putting his replacement parts to good use climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

Andy Cope talks to…Jim Pouliopoulos