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Art of Brilliance Podcast

Being brilliant every day is hard work. Sometimes you might need a little reminder about how to be the absolute best version of yourself. That's why we've done our own Art of Brilliance Podcasts. Short, entertaining and full of brilliant tips and ideas.

Listen to our Podcasts

Our brilliant podcasts feature some fantastic guests as well as different members of our brilliant team. They are ideal to help you you get away from that "Urrgh, how is it Monday already" feeling?

It's fantastically easy to listen to, and costs absolutely nothing but your time. You can listen to the latest podcast on this very page, and for access to all of them, follow the links to our special podcast website or get them via iTunes.

You can listen to our brilliant podcasts on your mobile, iPod, mp3 player, laptop, tablet, desktop, Xbox, Playstation, Kindle and probably most devices that you can plug headphones into. Listen to it in the car on the drive to work? Or sat in the garden? Or before that big meeting? During your flight? Choice is yours, but by the end of it, we hope you'll be feeling even more positive and can go on to have a brilliant impact on other people around you.

If you want an email every time we release a new one, make sure you sign up to our mailing list and we will let you know as soon as each new podcast arrives!