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Tuesday 11th June 2024
The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club
£295 (Including VAT)

Brilliant Behaviour and Learning

Tuesday 11th June 2024
The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club
£295 (Including VAT)

Behaviour and Learning are the same thing; in truth – you can’t have one without the other.  Sometimes, it feels like we don’t have either.  Classroom practice is a struggle for everyone.

Teachers have 102 things to do.  The majority of which involve leaving no educational stones unturned.  We do more and more in the pursuit of progress for pupils with an increasingly diverse set of needs.  Something has to give… and it’s usually you!

Our Brilliant Behaviour and Learning event shares cutting-edge behavioural and learning principles and practice.  It’s about teachers doing less rather than more, cultivating the classroom conditions required for all children to flourish.

The session shares our very own curious blend of positive psychology, growth mindset rationale and behavioural management strategies, that make a transformational difference.  We learn a wealth of subjects at school, but learning isn’t one of them.  Brilliant Behaviour & Learning empowers students to take responsibility and teachers to teach.  To make the classroom a brilliant place to be.

What you’ll come away from ‘Brilliant Behaviour & Learning’ with:

  • Sometimes less is actually more. Understand the teaching trap and what progress really looks like.
  • Pupil pitfalls: four key fixed mindsets every teacher and learner should be aware of.
  • No gain, no pain: why dissonance is key to happy, flourishing classrooms.
  • Brain matter matters. Get your head around the role cognitive development plays in pupil comprehension.
  • A child’s eye view. Fact: children see things differently to adults.  Identify six common childhood perceptual deficiencies that affect behaviour and learning in your
  • The truth about learning. Demystify the learning process with five concrete stepping stones to success.  Essential for every student and teacher.
  • Best work or best working? Introducing five resilient behaviours that underpin performance, potential and progress.
  • Blow their minds: why it’s absolutely not about the WAGOLL! What Kermit the Frog can teach us about behaviour and learning.
  • An alternative These are the difference that make a difference.
  • All in all, gain the knowledge and a wealth of practical tips and take-aways to positively transform behaviour and learning in your school.

Meet your trainer

Brilliant Behaviour and Learning is run by Will Hussey. If you have any questions – he’d love to discuss the programme with you.

Interested in joining us?

We’d love to see you in June – to book your place, just hit the button below and you’ll be taken to our online shop where you can purchase your ticket online.

If you want to pay by invoice, book multiple places or talk about payment options – feel free to drop an email to and she’ll be happy to help you!