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Hannah Knowles

Hannah (‘H’) is a teacher by trade. But she’s also worked as a basil picker (yes, the herb), an events manager and a personal trainer. She has a background in Psychology and a passion for POSITIVE Psychology. In fact she’s a bit nerdy about wellbeing which is why she’s a valuable member of the Art of Brill clan.

She knows that life is busy, so she is all about giving you short, practical tips that won’t take up any more of your time, in fact they might just help you save time. H knows that wellbeing can be achieved by small simple steps, but it is no small simple thing. These small simple changes add up to make an epic life.

H is flexible in what she can deliver. She’s implemented whole-school wellbeing programmes, and can work with children, young people and adults.

She realises that she can’t change the world, but she might be able to help you change the world inside you. Whatever your age and circumstances, H wants to help you inch closer to your ideal you.