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Hannah Knowles

Hannah (‘H’) loves nothing more than engaging and inspiring individuals to realise their full potential. Even better, she believes you are never too young or too old to start the journey.

H has worked as an events manager, personal trainer and teacher. She can implement whole school wellbeing programmes, deliver workshops and keynotes across the spectrum of Art of Brilliance clients; kids, teenagers, adults, businesses, NHS…

H has a background in Psychology and a passion for POSITIVE Psychology. In fact she’s a bit nerdy about wellbeing which is why she’s such a valuable member of the Art of Brill clan.

H is on a mission. Be it an individual, school or business setting, she comes armed with strategies and insights that will help you thrive. She knows that life is busy, so she is all about giving short, practical tips that won’t take up any more of your time, in fact they might just help you save time.

H knows that wellbeing can be achieved by small simple steps, yet it is no small simple thing. Your wellbeing is massive! These small simple changes add up to make an amazing life.

Beneath it all, H is a realist. She realises that she can’t change the world, but she might be able to help you change YOUR world.  This sets off a positive ripple that positively impacts on your family, friends, colleagues and customers.

Whatever your age and circumstances, H wants to help you inch closer to your ideal you.

Nice words about Hannah

“Hannah was absolutely amazing, had my interest right from her introduction – excellent presenter delivering something you could absolutely see she was invested in. Delivery was awesome in allowing everyone to take what they wanted from the course. Very thought provoking and not lecturing. Loved it. She lifted everyone that was there, and people are still talking about the day!”
NHS Scotland

“None of the delegates knew what to expect at the session and the feedback after was incredible. Hannah was bright, engaging, empathetic and absolutely picked up the crowd and carried them to a lighter, happier place within minutes. We have got so much positive feedback from all the attendees. They want her back at the conference next year for longer session!”
Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery

“Hannah was just so full of life and sunshine.”
Women’s Institute

“Fantastic session, Hannah was super engaging and the ‘buzz’ around the school now is wonderful.”
Springfield School

“Superb! We’ve had great feedback from students. My colleagues also agreed. I have recommended Hannah to our final years!”
Nottingham Trent University

“An excellent session, thank you Hannah. We gathered feedback from the team, who found it inspiring and uplifting.”
North Northamptonshire Council

“Working in the NHS is tough at the moment! Hannah was like a breath of fresh air, reminding us of our own self-worth, and the importance of positivity and kindness in all walks of life. Great feedback from our members, would highly recommend. Thank you, Art of Brilliance!”
Institute of Medical Illustrators