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Mandy Bryant

Mandy (we simply call her ‘M’), is at the heart of our communications. A bit like James Bond’s ‘M’.

She’s tasked with talking to you (by email, phone, in person or two yoghurt pots connected by string, she’s not fussed) about what you want.

M is the hub of everything. She knows which trainer does what and on what day. She will look after you from ‘first contact’ to ‘delighted customer’. We love her and think you will too!

In her own words, here are 10 (‘mildly interesting’) facts about our wonderful Happiness Secretary:

  • I’m an Essex girl, born in East London, drawn to Derby by a lovely man I affectionately call Shrek because he looks like Shrek. He says bath, I say barf. I say family, he says fumly. Other than that we rub along nicely.
  • I have a daughter who is saving to leave home. When she was a terrible-teen, I dreamed of the day. Now I dread it.
  • We have an Irish Terrier called Archie. He is the love of all our lives.
  • Shrek and Andy Cope are friends since school and I know lots about scrapes they’ve been in but I want to keep my job.
  • This is the third and probably last career I’ll have. First I was a retail manager in the boom/bust 80’s & 90’s, then I worked in social care and now I’m here. I’ve loved all my jobs.
  • My job title was born when my best friend Jan made me a brooch with ‘Happiness Secretary’ on it. I showed Andy and he said – ‘that’s it girl, that’s your job title right there’.
  • I have emails every week saying people love my job title, or it’s ‘the best job title in the world’, which is lovely and it reminds me to live up to it and be the best I can be.
  • I don’t work in a head office or even an office. I work in my front room. When I refer to ‘Art of Brill HQ’ I am referring to the general area that covers my front room and Andy Cope’s back bedroom (about half a mile as the crow flies)
  • I sing in a local choir – the same choir that Andy’s Auntie Barb sings in. Most of the time I’m not very good at ‘being in the moment’ (or singing) but for those 2 hours a week, I think of nothing else. It fills my need for community and feeds my soul.
  • I wish everyone in the world could see the Pig of Happiness video and try to be like the Pig. If that happened, I think just about all the problems in the world would begin to disappear