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Sanjeev Sandhu

Sanj is a true 2%er. His favourite day of the week is Monday, he eats dinner without his mobile phone in sight and expresses gratitude first thing every morning.

Sanj is a one-off. Born in South Wales to English parents with an Indian origin, he had no choice but to embrace his uniqueness. Working for two of the biggest consulting firms on the planet, he learnt that positivity is always a choice. Living in London and Dubai, Sanj learnt that perception is reality and dreams do come true. Working across the world, he learnt that discipline, perspective and contrast are crucial to success.

Sanj believes that going through education and employment can and should make a human happier and healthier. He prides himself on keeping it simple and trusting the process. He holds integrity to his core and is proof of the ‘power of positivity’ and its limitless possibilities.