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Suzie Lavington

After graduating from Bristol University with a BA in Drama, Suzie Lavington kicked off her career in film… on the ‘other’ side of the camera. After she’d had enough of making tea for famous actors and longing to trade places, she trained at Drama Studio London and made an almost living in theatre for the next decade.

Though she’s spent the biggest chunk of her life messing about on stage, Suzie’s achievements aren’t limited to the acting/speaking profession alone. As far as she knows, her year 6 sports day welly-throwing record still stands and she’d happily challenge anyone to a thumb war.

She designed and delivers ‘A Girl’s Guide to Being Fearless’, which builds self-esteem, confidence, kindness and resilience in teenage girls. The workshop was turned into a book in late 2020, and promptly became an Amazon Bestseller. Her mission is to get it into the hands and heads of young women everywhere… because high self-esteem and deep-down confidence should be every girl’s prerogative. And, quite frankly, the world needs more females who are full to the brim with self-belief and know they are spectacular, just as they are. She also delivers a series of other Confidence and Wellbeing sessions for The Art of Brilliance, in both business and education sectors.

Suzie enjoys boxing and eating hummus. Though not always at the same time. She’s also a voiceover artist and keeps threatening to tread the boards again.

She shares her Buckinghamshire home with her relentlessly patient husband, their two spectacular girls (by far her proudest achievements), and a lifetime collection of DVDs they never watch.

Social media workshops for girls

Suzie’s session has been designed as an antidote to today’s overwhelming world of altered photos, filters and fillers… in a country where more than 1 in 3 teenage girls are reported to suffer from anxiety or depression (a rise of 10% in the past decade). If you’re interested in having Suzie run this workshop for you, just fill in the form on this page and we’ll be in touch.