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Art of Brilliance pricing and costs

Pricing! We’re not a supermarket where everything is labelled up. We like to think that we’re providing the best training in the world and, as such, pricing is not an exact science.

We charge different rates for different trainers. This is not a question of quality but factors like demand, market forces, availability and who the customer is. For example, some of our trainers are suited to schools, others to businesses, some to large groups, others prefer keynotes, some like 1 to 1s and several have their own pet subject.

So, throw us a date and we’ll find you the best possible trainer. It’s a bit like, but with a guaranteed happy ending!

Or let us know who you are considering booking and we can let you know their normal rates. Or let us know what topic you are looking to address and we will give you a range of possibilities. Or let us know your budget and we can give you a range of options. We know cash is tight these days so please be honest, just ask, and let us help you get the best value for money. We don’t mind haggling and we won’t let cost get in the way of working with our lovely people.

Having said that, our promise is that if we don’t think we can do the job brilliantly, we won’t do it at all. We sometimes say ‘no’. That makes us a bit different (a lot of training companies will stick someone in there and ‘have a go’). So, as well as awesomeness, our other difference is that we don’t have a cap on delegate numbers. The more the merrier, so get a big room and fill it!

We are also able to offer even better rates if you book more than one day. For a few extra quid we can also provide books, teeshirts and ‘stuff’, once again, all you have to do is ask.