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Shift happens. It’s always happened. The difference nowadays is that shift is shifting faster. In recent times, shift has hit the fan.

The world is moving faster than human evolution. We’ve been outpaced. And as the world changes, so do the damn rules. The game of life’s difficult enough, but if you’re playing by the old rules, you’re accidentally opening yourself up to a whole load of problems.

To do more than survive – to thrive and come alive – you need to be able to shine.

Two facts and a strange word

Fact #1: you are amazing and you possess all the inner resources you ever need.

Fact #2: the modern world is really good at making you forget. It’s super-efficient at grinding you down.

Strange word: metanoia. It means changing your mind. Almost literally. In positive psychology it’s about transformation; a rethinking of your thinking. Get it right and your brilliant attitude and inner confidence become baked into your habits.

You are your best self even when nobody’s looking.

Amazing isn’t what you do. Amazing is who you are.

Same but totally different

SHIFT HAPPENS is for those who’ve already attended ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’. They ‘get’ the 2%er philosophy and want to stay there. Stickability is a life-changer. We dig deeper into Positive Psychology and the science of human flourishing. It’s the same light touch, with an equally serious message.

Whereas traditional training is additive – it gives you more things to remember and do – SHIFT HAPPENS has a touch of the counter-intuitives about it. It’s subtractive. You don’t need more stuff on your mind, you need less!

Once you have clarity, self-improvement follows, effortlessly. It’s about instilling positive habits, with the benefits rippling way beyond work.

There’s an uncomfortable paradox sitting at the heart of it all: Life is short, but also an uncomfortably long time to be going through the motions. Rather than carping about death being too long and life being too short, SHIFT HAPPENS is about making sure that your alive part is properly alive. Welcome to your big fat reminder.

Key themes in this workshop

  • Adaptability
  • Positivity
  • Change management
  • Motivation
  • Recalibration

This workshop is perfect for...

  • In-Person Workshops
  • Webinars
  • All members of staff

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