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Peter Anderton

If you or your organisation needs some ‘oomph’, look no further than our Peter.

On a scale of 1-10, Peter’s up there with Tigger. Super-supportive, insightful, open and refreshingly direct, Peter’s passionate about getting the bounce back into corporate life. Combine this with an unrivalled depth of knowledge and you have one of the UK’s most entertaining, enlightening and sought-after speakers.

Peter’s TEDx talk “Great leadership comes down to only two rules” is rapidly approaching half a million views and is now being used in MBA programmes around the world.

More than a little bit geeky about alignment – he believes any organisation, team or individual has already got whatever they need to be successful – all they really need to do is line up in one direction and get out of their own way!

Peter is an NLP master practitioner and a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD. He is also a Chartered Engineer, which might explain a weakness for leadership models and diagrams with interlocking circles that he indulges when no-one is looking! Married to Sarah who doubles as his personal navigation system, they have two boys, but Sarah often claims that she has to look out for three.

Nice words about Peter

‘Whether it’s an audience of 20 or 200, Peter engages the room with energy, humour and passion for his subject. Participants rave about him and he has evaluated brilliantly.’ Anna O’Kane, NHS East Midlands Leadership Academy ‘I cannot speak highly enough of Peter and his style; he has an incredible energy, enthusiasm and passion for his work and has a wonderful, innovative way of capturing everyone in the room’Emma Wilson, Director of Communities, New Charter

‘I already had a great leadership team – but just one session with Peter and they are absolutely buzzing.’ Sonya Young, General Manager, Hilton Bournemouth

‘Peter’s skill and enthusiasm shines through with the feedback on his sessions being overwhelmingly positive. Participants report feeling enthused, inspired and energised. Below are a few comments we received after our most recent event: “This was probably the best session I have attended in my entire career. Truly Inspirational.” “It was a lightbulb moment for me. Helped me change my approach and put my context within a positive perspective” “Facilitated great personal insights – feel enthused! Wish you could teach everyone in the NHS!” Kathleen Paterson, Organisational Development Consultant, NHS Tayside

“Peter’s speaking style is awesome and delivery flawless!” Ania Hildrey, Headteacher, Manor Green School

‘I’ve had nothing but positive feedback and the mood in the camp since has been happier than I can ever remember. All in all, a huge triumph!’ Russell Langley, Director of Marketing & Communications, University of Derby

“I have done a number of leadership days with other external companies over the years and to be totally honest with you this was by far the best I have attended.” Claudia Linden, Assistant Director, Resources, Thrive Homes

“Just had to share that I was at a NES Leading for the Future in Glasgow today where Peter delivered training on Brilliant Leadership… I feel so inspired and motivated… came home and made dinner sharing with my 2 sons (18 and 22) and my partner all the things which I appreciated but took for granted and advised them we are going to share 5 things we appreciate each day with each other over our daily dinner at night… this caused no end of hilarity and happiness! Think a session like today should be mandatory for all teams… have ordered some books from your website to continue learning more about happiness and leadership… thanks Peter.” Delegate, NHS Ayrshire & Arran