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Stefanie Wilkinson

Stef has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, quality improvement specialist and senior manager. Stef’s spark comes from her simple mission: to help people and organisations be the best they can be.

Stef believes in the super powers of collaboration and community, bringing people together for the greater good. She outright buys into the philosophy that we can change the world, but that the world changes one person at a time. Remember, Stef’s good at mobilising a crowd, so that’s not a trickle of change, it’s a revolution!

Stef is a wellbeing fanatic. Forever learning, you will find her journaling, reading, podcasting, and doing yoga or Zumba. Stef has recently re-entered the world of research to look at flourishing in leaders.

Back in the day Stef bagged herself an MSc in Equine Science and eventually taught on FE and HE Equine courses. It’s therefore not so surprising that she loves horses. Her current 4 legged sidekick is called Chill who is ironically not always so chilled, but is much fun.

If Stef could eat one thing for the rest of her life it would be birthday cake.