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Mental Health & Safety

The modern world is wonderful, but it can feel a little weighty across your shoulders. Exponential change, higher targets, rising customer expectations, squeezed budgets – life is fast and full-on. It’s easy to end up careering from one crisis to another, buzzed up on sugar and coffee, existing from one holiday to the next.

It’s no wonder that mental ill health is on the rise. Employee engagement is your competitive advantage. That means your staff need looking after, physically, emotionally and psychologically. In true Art of Brilliance style, we want to address the issue pre-emptively and help people attain/maintain mental wealth.

Workshop content

  • ‘Pressure’ v ‘Stress’.
  • Understanding our physiology when under pressure.
  • Warning signs to watch out for in yourself and others.
  • Common behaviours when under pressure.
  • How to sleep better.
  • How good nutrition impacts on our coping abilities.
  • Breaking patterns of negative thinking.
  • Bouncebackability.
  • The power of positive psychology.

Thought-provoking and humorous, all sessions are tailor made to the needs of the client and exact content is dependent on the timings of session.

Interested in this workshop?

Our sessions work as hour-long sessions, half days or full days. We love working with big groups, so get all your staff in the same room and leave us to it. If you'd like to talk to us about working together or have any questions, just fill in the form below and one of our brilliant trainers will be in touch with you to see how we can help.

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