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Today there was a solar eclipse and a super moon, coinciding with the spring equinox.

The UK media was full of a hype from astrology and astronomy points of view.

Russell Grant made an appearance in a sparkly star-covered shirt, with predictions about your future, what a great time it was for a new start and how from today your life will change for the better. While Professor Brian Cox and Dara Ó Briain took us through the science bit.

It also happened to be International Day of Happiness. The moon must have known, because from where I was viewing, it made the sun smile.

I agree with the Prof that astrology is rubbish. But I reckon Russell has a point. Today is a good time to change your life, but not because of the alignment of the sun, moon and planets.

Take control of your own destiny. Be Brilliant Every Dayfrom now!

…Or you could wait until the next solar eclipse in 2026.

Jo Armstrong

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