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The Art of Brilliance blog

Welcome to our random musings. If Carlsberg could write blogs...

Batman and the Saber-toothed tiger

Posted: 08 Aug 19 by Art of Brill

I’m proud to be part of the ‘BRILLIANT’ team. My mission – should I choose to accept it – is to deliver ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ across America.

Summer reading doesn’t have to be a challenge...

Posted: 22 Jul 19 by Art of Brill

‘Zest’; nice word. Mouth-watering, in fact.

Andy talks to Jamie Smart on our April Podcast!

Posted: 18 Apr 19 by Art of Brill

In this episode Andy talks to one of his heroes, Jamie Smart. Jamie is a Sunday Times Bestselling author and keynote speaker.

Leadership Dominos

Posted: 14 Mar 19 by Art of Brill

‘Leadership’ versus ‘management’ is a debate that’s been raging for a long time. The truth? They overlap. It’s messy.

Anti Bullying

Posted: 27 Feb 19 by Art of Brill

No, this is not ‘just another blog post’ on bullying.

Why it’s okay for your children to fall flat on their face

Posted: 13 Feb 19 by Art of Brill

Brace yourself for oodles of the f-word. Dirty, rotten, stinking FAILURE.

Five management techniques that should be consigned to the dustbin

Posted: 31 Jan 19 by Art of Brill

For the last 15 years I’ve been studying positive psychology and employee engagement, spending time with those who are ‘thriving at work’...

Your new year’s REVOLUTION

Posted: 10 Jan 19 by Art of Brill

We’re all familiar with ‘presenteeism’ at work, that feeling of turning up and going through the motions...

How to have your happiest year ever

Posted: 02 Jan 19 by Art of Brill

The secret to happiness turns out to be not-so-secret. Family. Relationships, love, human connection - that’s basically it!

Now That’s What I Call Gratitude!

Posted: 21 Nov 18 by Art of Brill

While we want people to have fun in our sessions, more importantly, we want people to go away and start to change their thinking and do things a bit differently.