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Prescribing happiness

Yesterday I spoke at a conference that was jam-packed with really clever people. Doctors and suchlike. I feel slightly squeamish when I speak at conferences involving the NHS or social care. Having studied the science of happiness seemingly forever, I can’t help thinking that what I know is somehow inferior or of less scientific rigour than, say, clinical psychology or psychiatry. And if I’m thinking that then the audience of clinical psychologists probably is too? What ‘proper psychologists’ do is amazing. They work with troubled souls. They cure people and, crikey, that’s impressive.

And what do us positive psychologists do? We study happy people. I doubt I’ve ever cured anybody? All I do is remind people of stuff that they already know. What a Charlatan! I’ve never issued a prescription, at least not in the traditional sense of ‘take this scribbled note to the chemist and get yourself a little something to make you feel better’.

At Art of Brilliance our prescriptions are a little different. We prescribe a few simple top tips, drawn from the science of wellbeing. We prescribe different ways of thinking and a change of habits. We advocate a daily intake of positive attitudinal choices and a healthy dose of personal responsibility. Wash that down with an awareness of ‘playing to your strengths’ and chuck in a daily ‘random act of kindness’. Oh, and it really helps if you can find your purpose (that’s quite a biggy).

Told you it was simple! Our prescription won’t cure you because our starting point is different. We don’t think you’re broken. We think you might have just forgotten? So a prescription from Art of Brilliance won’t save your life.

But it might transform it?

‘Art of Brill’ is, for the first time ever, launching a series of open programmes. Short, sharp, affordable workshops that will pretty much do what it says on the tin. Please spread the word. Send your team? Send your family? Pay for your partner?

Check out the workshops, dates and venues. All places are allocated on a first come first served basis.

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