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The news is nearly always bad. The worst of the worst. The biggest earthquakes, the hottest forest fires, the bloodiest wars, the scariest criminals, the worst car crashes, the windiest winds, the Brexiest Brexit…

It's true that, from time to time, stuff does go pear-shaped. Sometimes in a big way. And we're not here to pretend otherwise. But we are here, like a camera, to: a) shed a little light on things, and b) to put them in to perspective.

Only tough news makes the news. Good news - the complete, beautiful, heart-warming opposite - very rarely does. And the reason it doesn't make it on to the news bulletin, is because, well… if it did - there simply wouldn't be time for anything else.

Every day, all around you, in every single country of this beautiful planet that we have come to know of as Earth, men, women and children do monumentally marvelous things. They help, befriend, love, give, build, care, share and shine, just - well. Just because.

And if the news included all the good news, there simply wouldn't be room for anything else in the schedule - all day, every day. Which seems quite a cool thought, really.

So, we can't pretend that bad stuff doesn't happen, but in comparison to all of the good stuff, it's but a tiny poo in a magnificent flower garden. We'd rather it wasn't there, of course, and it makes sense to try and avoid putting your foot in it, but the garden is still a beautiful place, none-the-less.

Beware of the news. It's half an hour of talking about a dog turd.

Will Hussey

Will is an Art of Brill trainer who delivers a killer keynote as well as specialising in creativity and growth mindsets. He doesn't watch much news

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Posted by: Art of Brill