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Mirror in the Bathroom

I was at an engineering company, quick trip to the loo and as I walked in I noticed there was some weird foreign message scrawled on the wall.

Made no sense. I chuntered about foreigners and Brexit. Like you do. Why do we have to have signs in Eastern European? Come the revolution, all signs will be in English.

Business done, I washed my hands and had a quick glance in the mirror. The same sign that I'd previous thought was Slovakian now read 'You are looking at the person responsible for your health and safety.'

Mirror writing! I remember thinking that was really clever. Not only that it can only be read in the mirror, but that you're looking at you. You need to take responsibility for your own safety.

So here's today's thought for the day:

You are responsible for your own happiness and wellbeing
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Posted by: Art of Brill