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It may be TMI, but I’ve had the same toothbrush for far too long now and today, guess what I did?

I went to Morrisons and I bought a new one!

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because surprise, surprise, it got me thinking…

Thinking about how we all too often buy things that we don’t need, but how we also don’t get rid of things that have very much overstayed their welcome.

I’m not just talking about little things like bald toothbrushes, I’m talking BIG things like unfulfilling jobs, bad bosses, doomscrolling, negative people, bad habits, ruminating thoughts and self-criticism.

Why do we keep these things in our life when they take so much time, energy and joy from us?

For four main reasons…

Getting rid of them is:

A – too scary

B – too much effort (aka can’t be bothered)

C – we simply forget because it’s become background noise

D – it’s not our priority right now (and never seems to be!)

Well, the thing is, it takes a lot more effort, and is a lot scarier, to keep things in our life that take more from us than they give.

So this week I urge you to ask yourself…

  1. What in your home, mind and life in general have you been allowing to reside there for too long?
  2. Which of those four reasons is the answer to why you’ve allowed them to stay for so long?
  3. What in your life would become better as a result of finally letting go of/replacing that thing?

Focus on those positive outcomes and make that change!

But most of all, GET BOTHERED!

Getting bothered can be tricky, not just for staff but also for students, and everyone for that matter! So if you or anyone you know could benefit from some help in that department, then we’ve got just the thing!

On 28th November in Warwickshire, come and join us for a full day of Mindset Mastery – your guide to living and feeling your most confident, authentic and positive self!

It’s your one-stop shop for finally making the changes you’ve been avoiding for so long!

Learn more about our Mindset Mastery programme or share this page with a friend/student who you think needs this!