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The Art of Being a Brilliant Classroom Assistant


LSA, TA, HLTA, mentor, learning partner; the title doesn’t matter but the quality of support given to young people does.

This book, based on the authors combined 70 plus years of experience, is packed full of creative tips, techniques and strategies for anyone with the crucial role of supporting kids learning in the classroom.

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Like the rest of the series, you can dip in for inspiration, top tips, strategies and advice on every aspect of the role, as well as have a chuckle as you go. Working with youngsters isn t for the faint hearted is it? What do you do if you are sworn at? How do you engage a reluctant learner? How do you handle a challenging parent? How can you develop your career further? These topics, and a whole raft more, are woven into this book which will set you on the road to brilliance!


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