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Wellbeing AwardFrom Mental Health to Mental WEALTH

The Art of Brilliance Wellbeing Awards are designed to equip people with the knowledge and skills to take charge of their own mental health.

  • Your flourishing toolkit
  • A certificated wellbeing programme
  • Bite-size modules
  • In person, virtual or blended delivery
  • Empowers people to take charge of their own mental health
  • Reduces absence and ‘presenteeism’

Why do the Wellbeing Awards exist?

The pressures of modern life are causing a spike in mental health issues. Far too many people are feeling like they are merely surviving rather than thriving. Low level exhaustion is the norm, with anxiety, panic attacks, stress, and depression on the rise, it’s time for a new approach.

Positive Psychology is a brand new area of science. As well as helping those who are languishing, Positive Psychology also looks at those who are flourishing – what can we learn from people who are functioning at their best and how can we apply those lessons to the wider population.

If we want people to feel confident, resilient, creative, motivated, empathetic, agile, and who have real purpose in their lives, they need to be taught how. In short, we need a suite of programmes that equip us for the fast-paced world of today and tomorrow.

Our WELLBEING AWARDS are preventative. By equipping people with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to take charge of their own mental health, they can build a buffer against uncertainty and change.

Some numbers to make you think...

1 in 4 The number of people who will suffer from depression
80 million The number of anti-depressants prescribed in the UK per annum (and that number is rising)
62% increase in self-harm
One-seventh The proportion of your life that is spent on Mondays
15 The number of people who form the core of your life. These relationships will nourish and sustain you
41, 43, 24 & 25 The percentages of people who experience ‘a lot’ of worry, stress, anger and sadness (respectively)
11% The percentage of people who love their job
89% The percentage of people who experience ‘presenteeism’ or hate their job
80,000 Approx the number of thoughts you have per day. About 75,000 will be the exact same thoughts you had yesterday
4,000 The number of weeks in the average UK lifespan
Number 1 Someone you should really look after

...but how do these numbers effect your organisation?

There are some big numbers above, but how does this affect you and your organisation? Just type in the total number of staff working with you and we'll run the data for you...

So with that number of staff, on average, your organisation can expect to see the equivalent of 0 working days lost per year due to presenteeism and mental health related absence. Think how much that number is affecting your organisations' productivity, revenue and staff culture?

Measured using the average of 38 days lost per employee, as measured by data from a Vitality workplace survey in 2020.

Prevention is better than cure

The current system of ‘waiting for people to show signs of mental ill-health and then fixing them’ is, at best, an inordinately expensive and ineffective way of addressing the problem. But we continue because of the moral argument; if intervention can save just one person, then it is deemed worthwhile.

That’s true. Helping those in need is a moral responsibility.

In addition, our morality needs channelling in another direction. The vast majority of people don’t need ‘saving’ or ‘fixing’, they need empowering and energising. Empowering individuals to take charge of their own mental health will energise them to live flourishing lives.

Equipping them with the knowledge and skills to flourish is absolutely the right thing to do.

Why choose the Art of Brilliance WELLBEING AWARD?

The Art of Brilliance team has been delivering wellbeing programmes before ‘wellbeing’ was on anyone’s agenda. Formed in 2004, our keynotes, workshops and webinars have been delivered to rave reviews all over the world.

The Art of Brilliance WELLBEING AWARD is the first of its kind. It is rooted in the modern world and is designed to inspire and educate, as well as equip teams and individuals with a set of life-skills that help them transition from languishing to flourishing.

Wellbeing Award Course handbook All delegates receive a digital course handbook

The WELLBEING AWARD provides total flexibility of delivery. Participants get access to a digital course handbook to track their progress (printed versions are also available) and assessment is via a short reflective review and each successful participant receives a Certificate in Wellbeing.

Further to this, each participant is given access to our library of wellbeing videos and podcasts so they can top up their learning on demand.

There is no silver bullet for wellbeing but these programmes, alongside a supportive leadership culture, has the potential to transform lives. Best of all, the WELLBEING AWARD aims to give businesses, colleges and schools what they need – teams of flourishing people who are able to cope with the full-on nature of modern life.

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