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The Art of Brilliance Blog

Welcome to our random musings. If Carlsberg could write blogs...

No complaining

“Complaining is like bad breath. We notice it when it comes out of someone else’s mouth, but not when it comes out of our own.” – Will Bowen (more…)

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Why I spend more money on bin bags

Here at Art of Brill, we’re all about transformation, but not through humongous life changes… (more…)

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Change your life in 5 seconds

Here’s something that helps me find the courage to BE confident, resilient and brave. It’s called the 5-second rule. It literally kickstarts me into action. (more…)

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Anabas – a brilliantly different company

We are delighted that two years ago we formed a wonderful partnership with a great company – Anabas. (more…)

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Jonathan Peach: How a book changed the course of his life

Many of us have adverse life experiences that lead us to re-evaluate where we are in life and what we really want to do. This was the situation with Jonathan Peach (affectionally known as JP). Jonathan gives us an insight into how and why he became an Art of Brilliance Trainer. (more…)

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You are Replaceable

A few years ago, I was working as an events manager. Working really long hours, travelling around the country, hardly at home and not at all happy. Yet I couldn’t stop. (more…)

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It’s About Me

The Holiday Activity and Food Programme is a government initiative that supports children who receive benefits-related free school meals. However, Derbyshire decided that this online resource was able to be accessed by all children/young people, families, schools and activity providers. (more…)

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Positive comms

I live near a man who owns some horses. It just so happened that the school bus stopped right at the gate to his horses’ field and, while he was at work, the school children would get off the bus and feed them horses. And the horses loved it! Mars Bars, crisps and stuff the kids had made in Food Tech. (more…)

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Mental WOWth at the Brill Kids Fest 2022

Question: what do you get if you bring together 150 children from 5 Outstandingly Happy Schools, nationwide?  Answer: mental health, doesn’t come close.  Mental wealth doesn’t even touch the sides.  Our first ever Brill Kids Fest 2022 has officially just raised the bar: welcome to Mental Wowth! (more…)

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Your wake-up call

A few years ago, I was working in South Africa and was put up in a nice hotel in Durban.

My mobile phone battery was low and I didn’t have my charger. I was saving its juice to call home so I booked an early morning wake-up call, explaining to the desk that 7.00 am would be fine. (more…)

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Stop the blame game

I’ve long given up trying to change or ‘improve’ other people. I’ve stopped shouting at the news. I’ve ceased being grouchy because of the drizzle. I’ve stopped blaming fast-food restaurants or my ‘lifestyle’ for making me fat. And I no longer curse the rush hour for giving me an ulcer. (more…)

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What’s holding you back?

There was an elephant who travelled with a circus. The owner figured that the elephant was one of the main attractions so he always positioned it at the entrance to the big top. All the children had the thrill of lining up and feeding the elephant on the way in. (more…)

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